Our Mission Partners

Compassionate Hope

Compassionate Hope is a global charitable organization focused on providing hope and a future for victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution.

They provide loving homes in which “at risk” children’s needs are met: physical, emotional, educational, vocational, social, and spiritual. Their commitment to these children is to help them receive education and training through university, Bible college, or vocational training—thus, ending the cycle of poverty in a family that too often leads to human trafficking.

Visit CompassionateHope.org to learn more.


Bibles For The World

People all over the world have a hunger to learn about God and His love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, but they don't have access to the Bible in their own language!

Bibles For The World is changing that. Their global vision is to share the Good News of God's love around the world by making the Bible available to unreached peoples.

Our partnership with them has an impact in countries like Nepal -- the fastest growing nation of new believers in Christ -- or China, where there is a huge demand for Scriptures, but where they simply don't have access.

When you purchase one of our products with a free Bible mission, you will impact dozens of people, because those who receive them share with family members and friends!

Visit BiblesForTheWorld.com for more info.


Days For Girls

In many impoverished countries, girls do not have access to feminine hygeine products and are not able to attend school when they are menstruating. Days For Girls is an amazing organization that provides not only reusable, sustainable hygeine products for these precious girls so that they don't have to be isolated every month, but they also educate them about their body's reproductive system and remove the stigma of their periods while doing so. Local seamstresses are paid to sew the cloth products using local materials, and local women are trained to teach the girls so the work stays in the community and helps their economies thrive as well! 

Visit DaysForGirls.org to learn more.


Blankets For The Homeless

Mariah Smith was born and abandoned on Christmas Eve 21 years ago, and founded Blankets For the Homeless as a teenager with her mother’s help after seeing a homeless man on the street and providing him with a blanket from their backseat and the dinner they'd just purchased at Sonic. She’s now distributed over 110,000 blankets and lunches to people living on the streets, as well as coats, hats, gloves, clothes, shoes, backpacks, tents, toiletries and anything else they need she always finds a way to get it for them. Five nights a week, she distributes 50 blankets and lunches along with other desperately needed items to help people living on the streets who are not fortunate enough to get into shelters. Blankets for the Homeless needs donations to continue this powerful ministry. Missional Merch is thrilled to partner with them!

"Divide your bread with the hungry, bring the homeless into the house, when you see the naked, cover him, and do not divert your eyes from your own flesh." Isaiah 58:7

Visit Blankets For The Homeless to learn more!


Feeding America

34 million Americans are food insecure, including 9 million children. Feeding America is an organization that take truckloads of food donations from suppliers who can't sell the items. These food items would otherwise be thrown out as surplus or damaged. Through mindful stewardship, Feeding America salvages this food and get it onto the tables of hungry families! Because the food is donated, the only costs they incur are storing and transporting the food and paying their faithful employees. Costs have been rising across the board with inflation, so our donations are needed more than ever. 

Visit FeedingAmerica.org to learn more!