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YHWH / Yahweh | 10 oz Coffee Tumbler for Women

YHWH / Yahweh | 10 oz Coffee Tumbler for Women

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♥ When you purchase this tumbler, a child who has been rescued from sex trafficking or forced labor will be fed for a day! To read more about our partnership with Compassionate Hope, visit our About Us Page.

In Exodus 3, Moses wanted to know the name of God. This was the first instance of YHWH (we've added vowels to make it "Yahweh") recorded in isolation in the Bible, and it's rich with meaning. God essentially told Moses that He IS. He always has been, and he always will be.

This design is also rich with symbolism. I wanted the box around the name to be unfinished, without bounds because God is limitless! The first H is filled with a watercolor sky design with stars and the W is filled with a watercolor sea. He created it all with great attention to detail. 

This stainless, small-size tumbler is vacuum-insulated and built to last.


★ Stainless steel
★ 10oz
★ Rounded corners
★ See-thru plastic lid
★ Design repeats on the other side
★ Printed in the USA

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